How to become more creative

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Great ideas pop in to people's heads seemingly out of nowhere.

So, is creativity, a skill that is learn-able or is it a gift that you either have or you just don't?

POSSIBLE ANSWERS - food for thought


Creativity is just like any skill. Study this skill, practice it. Improve on it. Harder for some easier for others.

Keep it up and you'll get better.


It it a gift you either have or you don't.

If you aren't the creative kind of person focus on YOUR strengths and you'll go far. But you ain't gonna be an inventor... Sorry.


By nature everyone is creative. Some more, some less.

Thinking out of the box is something that comes from the Source of Creativity somewhere out there...

I can ONLY make sure I'm not blocking off what's meant to come my way by...

- Keeping fit and healthy. ==> Tiredness kills creativity.

- Learning how to live worry free and stress free. ==> Worry does not allow free thinking.

- Listen to the world around me ==> Ideas come from random places, not from textbooks.

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