Rav Falk zt"l

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

This week will be the first yahrtzeit of the inimitable Rav Pesach Eliyohu Falk zt"l of Gateshead.

He has a vast following of talmidim across the globe, who were left shocked and bereft by his sudden passing. In appreciation for who he was and how he impacted so many, funds for a Sefer Torah are being raised to honour his memory. You can see more by following this link: charidy.com/rabbifalk

Having the opportunity to reflect on this tremendous loss through painting this portrait, proved to be an enriching experience. Rabbi Falk was truly larger than life; His command of the depth and breadth of halacha, coupled with his deep care and concern for every single yid, made him unmatched in our generation. He made an unprecedented impact in previously little known areas of halacha with an incredibly far-reaching audience. When painting this portrait, I spent time connecting to his personality, through images, audio recordings and learning his seforim. I was left very inspired and it is my hope that this is reflected in the painting.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing framed prints.

Rabbi Pesach Eliyohu Falk zt"l


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