Can you draw some ridiculous letters?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

For all you out there who like to have a good laugh, here's another book from a master at showing us how funny we serious people really are. Thanks to Mordechai Schmutter for pointing out what clowns ordinary people are!

I get a very welcome few moments of chuckles and giggles every week while taking to the couch reading his column in the Hamodia. I was delighted to be able to draw the cover illustration for his newest book "Dear Mr. Shmutter - They're Asking Me?".

Check out his new title over at Israel bookshop publications where peoples ridiculous questions get even more hilarious answers.

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Below I'm sharing with you some of the stages of creating the cover illustration for this book.

Check out the processes of some of my other illustrations here, here and here.

From the sketch... the line work... the finished illustration.

Thanks to those who lent me their handwriting for the occasion..

Mordechai Shmutter, I can see it's getting too much for you... You'll get through these crazy letters. Just do one at a time..

Abraham Lincoln is looking for the Tylenol.

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