Waiting for the next course

Art course on the menu?

What do you do at a sheva brochos?

Sometimes, besides for talking and listening to droshos and stand up comedies, I also take some quick glances at people between courses and then try to be as inconspicuous as possible as I try to capture the feature or gesture on a little piece of paper beside my plate or on my lap.

There is nothing like learning to draw things from life, so there is another little opportunity for an art-obsessed guy like me to increase his drawing "mileage".

Because the people are just being natural and not posing for me, I need to be quick to recognise the forms and mentally snap a picture of any "negative space" shape or proportion references to help me get it right before my model changes positions.

The people I sit with know me already so they don't find it surprising that I draw at the weirdest times. But I still have to be quick to jot those noses down before the person smiles and covers his nose.

I was trying to draw a serious nose, stop laughing!

I passed this one around the table and let my friends see who knows who's nose each one is.

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