Advertisement illustration - thumbnail to finish

Step 1

Thumbnail sketch. This is a small, quick sketch. No focus on detail at all. The idea is to let the idea flow easily from wherever my creative ideas come from on to the paper.

I sketch a few of these and I don't show them to the person commissioning the illustration.

They don't look good. They are not meant to. They are just a vital part of the process for me.

Step 2

Sketch. Once the idea takes form in my head, I move on to the next step. I stay loose and don't get too bothered about perspectives, proportions or reference, but I try to create a sketch that indicates a little clearer what the final illustration will look like.

This sketch is sent to the commissioner and we discuss if any changes need to be made to the layout.


Illustration. Once I get the go-ahead, I draw the final illustration. In this case I moved on to a detailed line-work...

... added some color, and basic shading...

...and continued working on it until I decided it was done!

Here's the finished ad in the newspaper.

Contact me with any inquiries..

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