You are selling a product or or a service.
You are educating or inspiring people.
You have a message to convey.

As an artist I can help you express yourself through illustrations.
Images speak a thousand words.
Illustrations catch your audiences' attention.
Illustrations add personality to your message.
Illustrations are able to include subtle ideas in your message.

Let your ad be the one that stands out.
Let your idea reach greater audiences.
Let your message be more palatable and enjoyable to the viewer.


More about me:

My name is Shmuel Chaim (Samuel) Benedict.

I have out of the box conceptual ideas, finely honed artistic skills and a passion for ‎communicating through illustration, which makes me the right person to hire if you are looking to enhance your publications with illustrations or make your advertisements more impressive.

I work with traditional and digital medium and combinations of both, to create masterful, ‎captivating ‎and informative illustrations perfect for book/magazine covers, ‎illustrations, posters ‎ads and more…‎

When drawing I bear in mind to make my artwork attractive and engaging, creating a picture ‎that ‎will not only be seen and appreciated but will draw in the viewer, to actually experience it!‎

See some of my illustrations here and let them speak for themselves!

I also teach art on various levels.

Please contact me with any questions or comments.

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